Lord Grey Academy becomes the PSG Academy UK hub for Buckinghamshire 

February 20, 2023

The Paris Saint- Germain Academy UK has partnered with Lord Grey Academy in Milton Keynes which will become a hub for the Buckinghamshire area.

The aim of our school partnerships is to build pathway’s into the world of sport through football. Ensuring that all players recognise the fact that they are now representing Paris Saint-Germain Academy UK. A key area is also having a partner who has the same beliefs as ours whilst navigating students through their own journeys. Lord Grey Academy offers students incredible opportunities to grow – our aim is to support this through playing the Parisian way!

Lord Grey Academy in Bletchley is the new exclusive partner for Buckinghamshire. Our goals are to build a partnership that ensures development of the player whilst opening doors in the ever-changing industry of football and sport!

Students will be offered the opportunity to become a member of the Paris Saint-Germain Academy UK family whilst they study at the sixth form. The programme is open to all abilities, and we will be building a strong pathway in the area for players and students to be part of the Academy.

Football training sessions will be run alongside workshops in Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition, Player Wellbeing & Business. Individual mentorship will be given to ensure that we understand the students own goals and aspirations beyond the sixth form. University partners, workshops with people in industry, coach development and sports leadership opportunities await.

Training sessions will begin with testing during your first week before moving into weekly topics to ensure that you understand the game more whilst developing individually across the weeks. Topics will include:

  • Attacking phases / Utilising the width of the pitch
  • Defensive Transitions / Management of challenges
  • Forward Play / Technical Mastery
  • Attacking phases with combination play / Dribbling

Strength & Conditioning workshops will be focusing on you as an athlete. Progression throughout the weeks based on your own personal goals whilst maintaining fitness levels to cope with the football sessions. The team will also monitor injuries to support recovery. We will touch on wellbeing and nutrition during this time – vital areas in the modern game.

As the Paris Saint-Germain Academy hub for Buckinghamshire, we will also be working within the community to offer opportunities to players from primary school age. Work experience and sports leadership opportunities will link into this to ensure that students are challenged throughout. Visits from specialists and coaching staff from Paris will also be incorporated year on year giving students of Lord Grey Sixth Form a unique opportunity.

Lord Grey Academy will also host holiday camps starting Easter 2023 and will also have the first Player Development programme in Milton Keynes starting in February.

This is an exciting partnership which we cannot wait to begin!