Player Spotlight: Callum at St Martin’s School, Caerphilly

March 13, 2024

We’re back with our Player Spotlight from St Martin’s school in Caerphilly.  This time our spotlight is on Callum who has also been awarded ‘Player of the Half-Term!’

Player Name: Callum

Favourite Team: Manchester City

Favourite Player: Messi

Position: Right Wing/Striker

Coaches Comments/Player Development:

“Callum’s dedication to improvement is a standout strength. Notably, he is a player who eagerly embraces coaching advice and consistently strives to incorporate it into his game. This term, I’ve witnessed a remarkable boost in Callum’s confidence, both on and off the pitch, which has been wonderful to see.

As a result, Callum has begun confidently taking control of the ball in congested areas of the pitch, distributing it wide or forward to optimise space utilisation for his team.

Callum is a promising young player with abundant potential – keep up the great work, Callum!”

Q1: What is the player’s favourite thing about PSG Academy Wales/Some thoughts on the sessions. 


“I love everything about PSG and the Academy. The coach is great and the sessions are really good!”.

 Q2: What would the player like to improve on in the next half-term?

“I would like to improve my dribbling and positioning.”

Excellent work Callum! We can’t wait to see you develop further with us!