Player Spotlight: Maksim at Lord Grey Academy

March 11, 2024

Welcome back to Player Spotlight where we focus on a player from one of our partner schools and player development programmes to give recognition to for their hard work and to ask them about their time on the Academy.

This time we are meeting with Maksim from our Player Development Programme at Lord Grey Academy, Bletchley Milton Keynes.  He is our Player of the Half-Term! 

Player Name: Maksim 

Age: 10 

Position: CAM 

Favourite Team: Manchester City 

Favourite Player: Kevin de Bruyne 

Q1: What is your favourite thing about PSG Academy/Some thoughts on the sessions? 


“The sessions are always different, and they are always fun which make them enjoyable each time, so I learn new things.  

I play in the Junior Premier League and practice what I learn from the PSG Academy coaches on the pitch in my games.”

Q2: What would you like to improve on in the next half-term? 


“I would like to learn how to apply my skills in different shapes, how to reshape from defending to attack and back. I want to learn more technical tricks and invent my trick to call by my name. “

Brilliant work Maksim! We look forward to seeing more of you on your journey with us!