Player Spotlight-Charlie at Lord Grey Academy Sixth Form

April 3, 2024

This time on our Player Spotlight we are back at Lord Grey Academy Sixth Form recognising Charlie who is a member of the PSG Academy Programme! Charlie is studying for his A-levels at Lord Grey Academy Sixth Form and has taken the opportunity to join the extra-curricular PSG Academy programme whilst studying! Lord Grey Academy Sixth Form is the only school and sixth form in Buckinghamshire which offers students the opportunity to play the PSG way!


What the coach had to say:

“Charlie has really excelled this term with his determination shining through.

He is a player who constantly sets himself high standards and has a positive attitude to all his training. Consequently, his game understanding has improved immensely, and he has been showing versatility and adaptability to play as a Goalkeeper as well as in different positions as an outfield player.

Keep up the good work Charlie!”

We asked Charlie some questions about his time with the Paris Saint-Germain Academy England:

Q1 – Why did you opt for the PSG Sixth Form Course?

“I chose the PSG course because I really enjoy playing football and I wanted to improve my skills with top-quality coaching”. 


Q2 – What do you enjoy most or find most interesting about the course?

“My favourite thing about the course is how we are always looking at ways to improve our game”. 


Q3 – What do you find most challenging about the course?

 “The most challenging aspect is embedding the skills we learn in drills into the games”. 


Q4 – How effective is your coaches feedback in helping to improve as a football player?

 “The feedback is very effective because it allows to me realise things I can improve on that I didn’t notice I was doing wrong myself”.

Q5 – Would you recommend this course to any student?

“I would definitely recommend this course because it allows you to develop skills both on and off the pitch” 


Well done Charlie, keep up the good work and thank you for your feedback!

If you want to know how to join the Sixth Form Programme at Lord Grey Academy then register your interest here for our next trail which takes place on 2nd July.