Player Spotlight: Edward at Lord Grey Academy

March 20, 2024

We’re back at Lord Grey Academy in Bletchley, Milton Keynes for our Player Spotlight and ‘Player of the Half-Term’ for our second Player Development group.

Player Name: Edward

Age: 8

Position: left midfield/attack

Favourite Team: Luton

Favourite Player: Mo Salah and my friend Elliot from my grassroots team. 

Q1: What is your favourite thing about PSG Academy/Some thoughts on the sessions?


“I love the keepie-uppies up at the start and then learning about different ways to play football. I like learning about space so I can get the ball and run with it. I love scoring goals.”  


Q2: What would you like to improve on in the next half-term?


“I am left-footed so I would like to improve my right-footed shots. I also want to improve my passing”.   


Excellent work Edward! Keep progressing, we can’t wait to see you develop further!