Player Spotlight: Paige at Lord Grey Academy Sixth Form

February 21, 2024

This time on our Player Spotlight we are recognising Paige who was player of the half-term at Lord Grey Academy Sixth Form last term. Paige is studying for her A-levels at Lord Grey Academy Sixth Form and has taken the opportunity to join the extra-curricular PSG Academy programme whilst studying! Lord Grey Academy Sixth Form is the only school and sixth form in Buckinghamshire which offers students the opportunity to play the PSG way!


Quote from the Coach:

“Paige is a player who continuously shows all the attributes and values we have at PSG, both on the and off the pitch. 

On the pitch she has developed at a great speed in improving on the technical and tactical side of the game. Off the pitch, her commitment and responsibility have also been exemplar.

For us, coaching staff, it was unanimous that Paige fully deserves this recognition.

Well done, Paige!”

We asked Paige some questions about her time with the Paris Saint-Germain Academy England:


Q1: Why did you opt for the PSG Sixth Form Course?

 “I opted for the course as it allowed me to play football as well as study my A-levels”


Q2: What do you enjoy most or find most interesting about the course?

“What I enjoy most about the course is being able to play football with my friends after a long school day”

Q3: What do you find more challenging about the course?

” What I find most challenging about the course are the cold days”

Q4: How effective is your coaches feedback in helping to improve as a football player?

 “My coaches feedback is very effective in helping me improve as a player as it allows me to understand the game more clearly and helps boost my confidence”

Q5: Would you recommend this course to any student?
 “I would recommend this course to students who are interested in football whether they are starting out or have played for a while”


Keep up the hard work Paige, we can’t wait to see your development on the programme!

If you want to join us on on the Sixth Form programme at Lord Grey Academy then click here for more information. Our next trial is on 2nd July.