Soccer Tours

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy UK offers players the chance to participate in soccer tours to Paris!

This is an exciting and unique offering to school groups and youth clubs who want to truly immerse themselves in the full Paris Saint-Germain experience!

Tailored Soccer Tours

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy England can tailor soccer tours to your preferences so it really is up to you what you as a group would like to experience from your ‘magique’ trip to Paris!

As part of the soccer tours players will have the opportunity to visit Parc Des Princes and train alongside the Paris Saint-Germain Academy France with friendly games against local youth teams.

Players can also visit cultural sites and explore the city of lights. A river boat cruise is a great way to do this, as you sail along the Seine you will be able to see The Eiffel Tower, the famous Champs Elysées and many more famous Parisian sites.

French Lessons For Any Budding Linguists!

The soccer tours could also include French lessons for any budding linguists!

As The Paris Saint-Germain Academy UK is partnered with ACCORD language schools, players could attend French classes at the centrally located ACCORD Paris school which offers school groups French lessons all year round.

At the end of their stay the players will attend an award ceremony for their time with the Paris Saint-Germain Academy France.

If they also studied French at ACCORD Paris they will receive a certificate and a report for their time at the ACCORD language school.

A Typical Soccer Tour

Visit to Parc des Princes | Participate in fixtures against local teams | River boat cruise in Paris
Pizza party | Award ceremony

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy World Cup

Each year teams from all the Paris Saint-Germain Academies across the world gather in Paris for the Paris Saint-Germain Academy World Cup.

Unique Experience

For four days the teams from across the world participate in this unique sporting and cultural experience. They play in the tournament for two days against other Paris Saint-Germain Academy teams, battling it out for the Academy World Cup.

They of course have the opportunity to visit the famous sites of Paris too and if possible watch a Paris Saint-Germain match at Parc Des Princes!

It really is an experience which will be remembered for ever!

Read about our time at the Academy World Cup 2023 here! 

Plan An Unforgettable Soccer Tour