The Paris Saint-Germain Academy World Cup 2023

June 28, 2023

It’s been a few weeks since Team UK returned from the Paris Saint-Germain Academy World Cup in Paris and we are still buzzing from the incredible time we spent there!


It was the first time that The PSG Academy UK attended the tournament and what an amazing U13 squad we had for our debut!

When the team arrived on Friday they went to visit the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Megastore, the same weekend the new season’s kit launched!

It was then straight to Parc Des Princes for a stadium tour and the Paris Saint-Germain Academy World Cup Opening Ceremony. What a way to kick off the weekend!


The first matches took place on Saturday and it was a tough start for the team, which was anticipated as it was a very talented group.

The first game was against Turkey with a score of 1-1 at full time. Cassius Shillingford -Louis scored the first goal of the tournament for Team UK.

The second game, team UK played last years winners Rwanda. It was an incredible game and very entertaining to watch with a result of 3-3. Kye Hicks from team UK scored off two free kicks and there was a lucky own goal.

The third game against South Korea saw Team UK’s first win in the tournament after a great goal from Jeremy Opoku.

Sadly the day ended in a 2-0 loss against France, a very tough team to play! However, Team UK played really well and overall the day was a huge triumph for our debut at the tournament.

There was a jampacked evening planned for all attending the tournament as everyone heading off for a picnic at the Marcel Bec Stadium and then onto the Parc Des Princes for a truly magical evening.

The players arrived at the stadium and did a lap of the pitch carrying the GB flag joined by all the other teams at the tournament.

Then the excitement began when everyone got to attend Paris Saint-Germain’s final game of the season against Claremont. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the result PSG wanted with a 3-2 loss but a great celebration for winning the league and an emotional send off for Messi and Ramos. Fireworks, music, flares and pitch projections! Amazing!

Sunday began back at the the Marcel Bec Stadium for the quarter finals of the Academy Cup. A tough day was anticipated as Team UK faced Brazil in the first game. There was an unfortunate red card in the first half, and a loss of 5-0. Emotions were running high over lunch as the team prepared to take on Qatar in the final game of the day.

A great first half by all, but an unfortunate end result of 3-1 with a great left footed finish by David Grippman Junior.

The team headed to the Eiffel Tower at the end of the day for some much needed down time and a well-deserved dinner.

Monday had another HUGE day ahead as the PSG Academy teams got to play at the Parc Des Princes! What an absolute dream for these young players to play on the very pitch that their idols play on each week!

It was finals day at the Parc Des Princes for all teams involved. A play off game for PSG Academy UK against PSG Academy West USA!

The atmosphere was electric, and nerves were high. A huge warm up and then game time, the first half was tough, great attempts made by both teams, and some amazing saves made by Cassius -Shillingford-Louis in goal, a great shot from Thomas Pugh to secure a 1-0 lead.

USA West were on the attack, a shot from the top of the box and a great save from Harry Gittens, to push the ball back down the pitch, an interception from Samuel Morris, a cross to Jeremy Opoku and a left footed strike, it’s a GOAL! Just before the final whistle is blown!

Great start to the day for Team UK!

It was time for the team to watch the finals, Brazil in each final U11, U13 and U15 girls against Rwanda in U11, U13 and France in the U15 girls.

There was lots of excitement from players in the crowds, lots of cheering and excitement for Rwanda. Rwanda win U11’s and the U13 final!

PSG Academy UK should be very proud of a great game against Rwanda on Saturday resulting in a 3-3 draw!  

Girl’s final goes to penalties, every player including keepers step up to take a penalty and all score, winner in the end of the U15 Girl’s are France!

The tournament ends with its award ceremony as each team go up to the podium and are handed medals from Benjamin Houri and Nadia Benmokhtar from The Paris Saint-Germain Academy. It was a very proud moment for Team UK!


After an intense, competitive weekend it was time to celebrate! Everyone attended a Gala dinner in the lounges of the Parc Des Princes and afterwards it was time to party on the Bateaux Mouches closing party with all the other Academy teams.

Any team rivalry was now all forgotten as all the academies from across the world joined together to celebrate as they sailed down the River Seine.

The best way to end an unforgettable experience at the PSG Academy World Cup!