Lord Grey Academy Work Experience

July 3, 2023

The Paris Saint-Germain Academy UK’s partnership with Lord Grey Academy helps create opportunities for students to explore different pathways in the growing industry of football. One of the tools we use is work experience, students of the Sixth Form can participate in different aspects of football for example; coaching, fitness, nutrition, psychology, finance, business etc.

Ella May, Ethan, Noah & Connor are Year 12 students at Lord Grey Academy, who joined us to gain experience as coaching staff and to learn how the children play the Parisian way!

The students have been working with our Player Development Programme squad, with different age groups from 8 to 16 years old, which gives the students an insight into what different coaching methods may be used and how to get the best out of the children participating in the programme.

Football sessions are designed and sent from our Technical Director from Paris Saint-Germain to the coaches. The students will receive the session plans at the start of the week, where they will get time to analyse the core theme of the session, how the session will look once set up and what the objectives are for the children. The coaches will help guide the children to understand the expectations of the session by encouraging, engaging and motivating them to do the best they can.

The coaches delivering these sessions gave the following feedback on the work experience students: 

“Ella, Ethan, Noah and Connor are doing an exceptional job when coaching with the Player Development Squad, they are very punctual and understand the boundary between themselves as students and the children. Always willing to help set up a structured session, to gain knowledge of what the session will look like and what the theme is for the players. Keeping the children motivated is a key aspect of the training, the work experience group do well at making sure the players are trying their best and will comment on anything positive the players do. It has been a pleasure working with the sixth form students, grateful for them to take time out of their own personal lives and hope they have gained more knowledge in a working environment as a coach for Paris Saint-Germain Academy UK”

The aims for the partnership at Lord Grey Academy is to offer support to Year 12 & Year 13 students as they enter the world of sport within a specific field. Linking this with University pathways and understanding what is on offer to the students, ensures that more doors are opened.

The full programmes start in September, we look forward to meeting the new Year 12 students at transition days over the coming weeks.

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