Player Spotlight: St Martins school, Caerphilly

November 1, 2023

Welcome to player spotlight– where our Head Coach in Wales, Lowri will choose a player to highlight and tell you all about their development on the programme they’re taking part in with us. Lowri will also ask the player some questions so you can hear about their views, aspirations and feedback.

First up is our ‘Player of half-term’ at St Martin’s Comprehensive School in Caerphilly.

Player (first) Name: Lewis

Position: Right Wing

Favourite Team: Liverpool

Favourite Player: Mo Salah

Coaches Comments/Player Development:

Lewis’ performance over the last seven weeks has been outstanding. His technical abilities, positive attitude and seamless adaptation to the PSG Principles of Play have been second to none.

He’s a skilful player, consistently finding the net and making an impact.

I look forward to continue working with Lewis after half-term. His dedication, skill, and positive attitude make him a valuable asset to the group. Keep up the great work Lewis!

Player Question 1: What is the player’s favourite thing about PSG Academy Wales/Some thoughts on the sessions. 

“The training at PSG Academy makes me really skilful. I enjoy doing lots of drills and really enjoy the matches at the end”.

Player Question 2: What would the player like to improve on in the next half-term?

 “I would like to improve on my shooting, ball control and passing skills”.