Paris Saint-Germain Academy Wales 2023- Wrapped up!

December 30, 2023

As the Paris Saint-Germain Academy Wales comes to the end of its second year, we celebrate a year filled with growth and development. We are thrilled to share some of the standout moments of our experiences in Wales during the past year.

St. Martins Partnership: Progress and Growth

Our BTEC Level 3 Education and Football Development Programme has been making significant strides, welcoming new learners onto the program in its second year. The enthusiasm surrounding our training methodologies shared with local players has been inspiring, and the positive response has been encouraging.

We welcomed those interested in enrolling for the upcoming year to our open evening on November 7th. Detailed information can be found below, and for those eager to learn more you can do so here.


Anticipation is high for the upcoming school tournament at St. Martins. It’s an opportunity for the local players to exhibit their skills and passion for the game on the pitch.

However, our PSG Academy Wales x St. Martins BTEC players are not just growing on the pitch, they have also been actively involved in honing their skills by leading sessions within school PE lessons and soon extending their reach to local primary schools.

Away from the pitch, the players have also gained insights into topics such as recovery, well-being, and session planning.

The success of our recent summer camp stands as a testament to the overwhelming zeal for football in Wales. Our summer camp saw many new and returning players learning to play the Parisian Way. Each player had the opportunity to develop their ball mastery, dribbling, passing, shooting and aerial skills throughout the camp and had the chance to show off their skills during the daily games.

The PSG Academy continues to be warmly embraced in Wales, and the increasing popularity of the Player Development Programme (PDP) is truly exciting.

Our Player Development Programme at St. Martins is currently in full swing and has been extended to young players, both within the school and throughout the community. The PDP Programme offers players a chance not only to learn the ‘Parisian way’ of playing but also to develop a comprehensive understanding of nutrition and well-being, with personalized guidance from our coaching staff.

Tredegar: Empowering Through Football and Education

Tredegar Comprehensive School, the Player Development Programme has entered its second successful year.

This term, our PDP has coincided with the growing popularity of women’s football, sparking a special opportunity to push female football in the local area. The programme caters to a diverse range of players, nurturing newcomers to the sport while refining the skills of those with prior playing backgrounds.

St. Martins has also witnessed a thriving success in women’s football, with up to 28 female players joining our afterschool football sessions, led by one of our female PSG Academy Coaches.

Our mentorship programme continues to flourish, providing valuable support and guidance to mentees, and giving them hands-on experience in their fields of interest. For instance, a mentee passionate about coaching has been granted the opportunity to gain practical experience on our PDP programme.

At PSG Academy Wales, we take pride in establishing a clear player pathway, which is really becoming a reality through such projects in Wales, with many of our prior mentees going on to further study or employment.

Looking Ahead: Embracing the Future

The year 2023 has been an exciting time for The Paris Saint-Germain Academy Wales. The strengthened programmes with our partner schools and the community’s positive reception have truly been amazing.

We are excited about the prospects of enhancing and expanding the PSG Academy in the upcoming year and beyond. Join us as we look forward to the continued exciting journey of PSG Academy Wales!