Player Spotlight: Phoebe at Tredegar Comprehensive School

November 27, 2023

Player Spotlight is back at Tredegar Comprehensive School in South Wales. This time we are recognising Phoebe who is part of the player development programme.

Player  Name: Phoebe 

Favourite Team: Manchester United

Favourite Player: Ella Toone

Coaches Comments/Player Development:

‘Throughout the last seven weeks, Phoebe has consistently delivered an impressive performance during sessions, standing out with her exceptional skill on the ball and adeptness in taking on opponents.

Phoebe is a talented and perceptive young player, always showcasing her vision and awareness.

She embraces advice and effectively integrates it into her game. Her politeness sets a great standard, making her an absolute pleasure to work with.

Keep up the great work, Phoebe!’

Player Question 1: What is the player’s favourite thing about PSG Academy Wales/Some thoughts on the sessions. 

“The training has given me new knowledge that I can take into my club environment and has helped to make me a better player”.

Player Question 2: What would the player like to improve on in the next half-term?

 “I would like to work on my strength on the ball”.