Player Spotlight: Kairos at Mount St Mary’s College

November 22, 2023

Welcome back to Player Spotlight! This time we’re giving recognition to Kairos at Mount St Mary’s College in Derbyshire.

Earlier this year the Paris Saint-Germain Academy UK partnered with Mount St Mary’s College which is the new hub in the local Yorkshire and Derbyshire area. From September students at the school were given the opportunity to join the Academy through a special Player Development Programme.

Head Coach for the Yorkshire and Derbyshire area, Josh has chosen to recognise player Kairos this term and had the following the say about him:

“Kairos has made an amazing start to the season showing great control and balance on the ball.  His awareness and passing ability also make him a great teammate.  Kairos has a fantastic attitude and is always willing to lend a hand. His dedication, desire to learn and positive attitude make him a great part of the group and I look forward to working with him for the remainder of the season.”

Kairos has already shown what all his hard work can lead to by being scouted to attend trials for Yorkshire Schoolboys. Congratulations!

Player questions:

Who is your favourite team?

 Manchester United

What position do you play? 

Right back

Who is your favourite footballer? 

Cristiano Ronaldo

What is your favourite thing about the PSG Academy? 

My favourite thing about the PSG  Academy is how they choose the players not by skill level but on how they need to improve. The sessions are really good because they cover all things including passing and defending.

What would you like to improve on whist with the Academy? 

I would like to improve on my defending

If this programme at Mount St Mary’s College is of interest then please contact Mount St Mary’s College here.